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The Poet's Playlist

From Pain to Promise

Traydon Rogers


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This book is a collection of old and new poems that gives you the story of the author’s encounter with doomed love, immense struggle, and emotional pain while giving you what mentality was gained out of that in sections he calls “playlists”. As you experience the different playlists in this book, you will get to connect to the different parts of the author’s overall personality as he plummets and rises. Also, in one of the playlists, you will get to experience the stories of other poets as well as a combined poem dueted by the author and another poet, giving you the connection between perspectives on different topics relating to the book.


Traydon Rogers:
Traydon Rogers is a massively imaginative and creative young man, who strives to express himself and connect with others in the process. Ever since he was a kid, he had the desire to affect the lives of others through the expression of his poetry as well as inspirational speaking. Growing up in neighbors where violence and poverty were normal living challenged his sense of wanting to expand himself. As time went on, he retreated into a person that was closed off from the outside world, instead of giving his creativity to video games and eventually becoming a gaming Youtuber for a couple of years. When he started to attend high school, he neglected his 1,000 subscriber youtube channel and gaming friends to focus on the new environment he’s been put into. From there, he joined creative writing class, vocal class, and brotherhood, as well as get into a relationship that would disrupt his life for the better and worse. That relationship and the person he became after the relationship is the main central topic of the book.